THURSDAY: Adventurers - Videos & Step Sheets

Thursday, 9:30 AM-12:pm
Line Dancing for those who like to learn new, and sometimes harder, dances.

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Some of our newer dances are listed below. 
Click on the underlined words to view videos or step sheets of the dances.  If a step sheet entry
says "choose" you will have to select the correct choreographer from a list of similarly-named
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1-2-3-4 Dance & Walk Thru Choreographer: Niels B. Poulsen Has 2 tags and a restart 
5,6,7,8 [Alamo Boom] Dance & Lesson Choreographer: Kay Needham 32-count beginner, we use song "5 6 7 8" by Steps 
Ballando Dance (with choreographer) Choreographer: Ira Weisburd By the choreographer who gave us Shuffle Boogie Soul 
Beautiful Sunday Dance Choose Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson Easy, Peppy, but a little trickly 
Burlesque Dance Choose "Norman Gifford" 64-count intermediate 
Dizzy Lesson & Dance Choose "Jo Thompson" Fast dance with lots of turning, as implied by the dance name. 
Doors of Life Dance (some easier versions use fewer turns) Choose Michael Barr 48-count intermediate/advanced waltz 
I Run To You Dance & Lesson Choose "Rachael McEnaney" 64-count intermediate 
Jive Walkin' Dance Choreographer: John H. Robinson 48-count intermediate with fast footwork 
Key Lime Pie Dance (with choreographer) Choose Barry Durand Pittsfield also does "Key Lime" by Dancin' Terry 
Old Bones Dance Choose "Linda Oates" See George Burns singing this at 
Sea Salt Sally (aka My Girl Sally) Dance Choreographer: Audrey Watson 32-count beginner 
Sky Loves Blue Dance Choreographer: Audrey Watson Now have right music: More & More & More 
Slow Boat to China [Fortune Foxtrot] Lesson Choreographer: Jo Thompson Szymanski 32-count intermediate - very smooth 
Soldier Boy Stroll Dance Choreographer Rosie Multari 32-count beginner - can be done as contra 
Something In The Water Dance & Lesson by the choreographer Choose "Niels B.Poulsen" 32-counts - easy & interesting 
Something Stupid Danced by the choreographer Choreographers: Karen Hedges & Joanne Brady Very easy - can add extra turns. We use Frank Sinatra's version 
Spanish Love Lesson & Dance Choose "Phil Johnson" 32-count intermediate  
This & That Dance Choose "Gary Lafferty" 32-count beginner 
Three Hickory Nuts  Choreographers: Leslie Getz, Candy Darling & Marvin Elford Older intermediate dance 
Wonderland Waltz Dance & Lesson Choreographer: Rob Fowler 48-count beginner/intermediate 
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