FRIDAY: Beginner - Videos & Step Sheets

This is a class for beginning dancers at Pittsfield Senior Center.  It teaches the basic steps and
some of the easiest / most requested dances done at the center.

The class is on Friday, 9:30-11:15, at the Center.

Click on the underlined words to view videos or step sheets of the dances.  If a step sheet entry
says "choose" you will have to select the correct choreographer from a list of similarly-named
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Number & LevelDance NameVideoAlternate VideoStep Sheet
Number & LevelDance NameVideoAlternate VideoStep Sheet
00 Intro Barefootin' Lesson & Dance Another, faster, version Choose "Jo & Rita Thompson" 
01 Easy K Step Boogie  Dance & Lesson  K Step Boogie Step Sheet 
02 Easy Doodles Song only - not our line dance  Doodles 
03 Easy Live Laugh Love    Live Laugh & Love 
04 Easy  Bad Bad Leroy Brown  Lesson & Dance Dance Choose "unknown" 
05 Easy  Papa Loves Mambo  Dance  Choose "unknown" 
06 Easy  Mexican Waltz  Mexican Waltz Video Mexican Waltz - Lesson Mexican Waltz Step Sheet 
07 Easy  Mamma Maria  Dance & Lesson   Choose "Frank Trace" 
08 Easy Keep It Simple Music only  Choose "Jim Bob Szollosi" 
09 Easy Rita's Waltz Lesson & Dance (we don't hold hands)  Rita's Waltz Step Sheet 
10 Easy Night Fever Dance (AKA Here I Am)  Choose "Richard Rogers" 
11 Harder Blueberry Hill Song only - no dancers  Blueberry Hill Step Sheet 
12 Harder Shy Waltz  Dance & Lesson  Shy Waltz Step Sheet 
13 Harder Shuffle Boogie Soul (sometimes called S.B.S.)  Dance is led by the choreographer There are multiple videos of S.B.S. here S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) 
14 Harder Little Red Book Dance & Lesson  Choose "Dee Musk" 
15 Harder  Jo 'N Jo Tango  Lesson (by the choreographer) Dance (with the choreographer) Jo 'N Jo Tango Step Sheet 
16 Harder  Come Dance With Me  Lesson & Dance  Choose Jo Thompson 
17 Harder  Hello Dolly  Dance   Choose "Lorraine Kurtela" 
18 Harder Peaches & Cream Dance  Choose "Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs" 
19 Harder Under The Sun Dance  Choose "Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu" 
20 Harder Seduced   Seduced Step Sheet 
Extra: 21 Easy Old Bones Poor camera work, but they get the steps right   Choose "Linda Oates" 
Extra: 22 Easy Let's Chill Lesson & Dance Dance Choose Vivienne Scott 
Extra: 23 Easy Line Dance 101  Dance   101 Step Sheet 
Extra: 24 Harder The Lemon Tree Dance & Lesson   Choose "Kim Ray" 
Extra: 25 Harder Sweet Sweet Smile Lesson & Dance   Choose "Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step" 
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