Line Dance in Ann Arbor & Vicinity

How to Find
Pittsfield Dances

Go to  

You will find a page titled “Pittsfield Dances - by Class Day”   

The page includes...

  1. Days of the week that a dance will be done
    (at the top or bottom of the page, depending on your phone or browser):
    2  FRI (& MON)
    3  MON (& TUES)
    4  TUES (& THURS)
    5  THURS MIX

B.  Informational columns for:
“Dance Names”
“Video Links”

1.  Choose the day that you dance
2.  Find the name of the dance that you are interested in
3.  Click on the link in the “Videos” column
4.  Refer to the step sheet, or watch one of the videos on the page


If you already know the dance name and choreographer,
you can find step sheet and videos directly.   

Go to  

Copy the dance name into the search box at the top of the page and push “Enter”.
(It has to be the exact name.)

You will get a list of one of more dances, together with choreographer name.  Choose the choreographer that you want.

This should take you to the same step sheet and videos as described in the first method.